Hi! My name is Bethany. I’m 19 years old. I have been homeschooled all my life and graduated when I was 16. I got my GED and tried college for a while but didn’t really settle on anything that I really wanted to do for a job, or career. I only had two things that I really had a passion to do;

1) Deaf Interpreting, and

2) Photography.

So now I’m currently enrolled in New York Institute of Photography; a home-college.

We live on a small farm in the southern part of Georgia. We have 4 cows, a few chickens, a cat named CJ, and 2 dogs; one in the house named Boss, and one outside named King. Even though we don’t have many animals we have had lots come through and stay for a short while; and I won’t go into details. =)

As far as other things; I love many sports, nature, animals, and anything that is challenging. I enjoy being around my family and church family. I love cookouts with lots of people. Fun and fellowship are my number one things to do.

P1000426Well, I hope you enjoy this little spot on the web dedicated to me and my sister.



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