Hi! My name is Amy and I am 15 years old. Right now my mom is homeschooling me. I will graduate in 2014 and get my GED like all of my other 4 siblings have done. I am the youngest of five, and enjoy life to the fullest.

I love to be outside most of the time. I live on a small farm with four cows, two of which I saw birthed. Several chickens, three dogs and a cat. Our Dashound is Boss and the Powder Puff is Lucy. She is my dog but everyone calls Boss my dog to, because he’s really attached to me. I held him the most when he was a puppy, so naturally I would be his favorite. =) The other dog is actually my older brother Phillip’s dog. His name is King. He is a yellow lab, and really playful right now.

I also enjoy being inside doing my hobbies. I enjoy reading, cooking,  and one of my favorites, making jewelry. Currently I’m not selling anything but am hoping to in the future. I also enjoy playing sports. I’m not the greatest at them and I have yet to find a sport that I’m really good at.

Other than that, I’m pretty simple and quiet. I don’t like a lot of attention, and mainly prefer to stay outside, or in my room reading.  So I hope you enjoy seeing the things that happen in our little spot in the world and come back for more.



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