A New Addition To The Family


About two weeks ago my mom, siblings and I went to my uncle’s house for the weekend. We stayed at their house and on Sunday we went to a really good church that we like and went home that afternoon. My uncle raises hairless dogs and sells them. Hairless dogs may not be the cutest but they sure do have a personality. On Friday evening, my uncle brought in one of his Powder Puff puppies. Both of her parents were hairless and all of her siblings were hairless, but she had hair all over her! She was the sweetest thing ever! And very hyper. I love dogs and I immediately fell in love with her. The next day we were having a yard sale at their house, and my mom came on the front porch where we were sitting and say’s, “They sold the puppy. But you can hold it a few minutes before they leave.” So I was really sad and thinking that is was a bummer that the puppy was leaving. It seemed to take them forever to get the puppy ready. Finally my aunt comes out with the puppy in this cute little dog purse. So now I begin to think, I’m not going to get to hold her before she leaves! My aunt walks over to me and say’s, “Delivered!”


This puppy was going for $600 and they gave me the puppy plus two harness’, a collar, a leash two bowls, a dog carrier and some training pads. She can’t go outside though because the way she kind of hops, the hawks will think that its a rabbit and will come down and catch them. I certainly would not want that to happen to her! I am super happy with her!

Cutey pieAnd just a few more cute pictures to share with everyone! With such a cute dog, how can you not take pictures?


She is so fun to play with!



She’s also got the cutest little bark!




About Amy

Hi, my name is Amy and I am 15 years old. I enjoy many things, but most of all I love to read, I love to be outside and being around my family. I am currently learning to play the mandolin and I also play the piano. I have a very sweet dog named Boss, he is actually the family's dog but they say he's mine since he loves me the best. Well that's all you need to know about me. =)

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