We Are Spoiled!


Yesterday, my church had a visiting preacher down from Virginia to preach the Sunday services; and can I tell you, it was good. =) Both services he hit on how much we take for granted. We have a lot of luxuries, even of just running water and indoor plumbing is a luxury to some. You may not have thought about it, but missionaries give up everything they have here in America, to go places that don’t have things such as AC or heat, cars and local grocery stores. I know myself, if I want something in particular to eat, I can drive 15 minutes to go and get it. Some missionaries have to have everything flown in; they can’t just drive to the store and get these luxuries.

  • How about coffee. Bro. Cox told us that over seas it’s $28 for a pound of coffee. Over here, it runs about $8.
  • What if the plumbing line broke? You could call in someone to fix it and they’d probably have it done in 4 hours or less. Over in the Philippines they have an ash tray and 1 foot shovel. They can’t just fix a plumb line in that amount of time.
  • One more thing, what about a nice house? Most missionaries have to live in a one or two room shack. They don’t go to places that have nice roomy, big and beautiful houses. They have to go and start at the bottom. Bro. Cox told us of a family that had a room for the kids, a room for them, a kitchen, bathroom and living room. Their living room had to be the church as well. Talk about cramped living.

Now, I know that I take a lot for granted. I sometimes complain about having to share a room with Amy, not having my favorite foods for supper, and being a little cold in the winter. But what do I really have to complain about. I have heat and AC in my home. I have my own bed that I don’t have to share. I get fed good food. I have running water and indoor plumbing. I really don’t have anything to complain about.

So I’ve set myself a challenge to not complain, and maybe even do without some things. Such as a soda when I’m out, or movies when I’m bored. Instead, I’ll put the money into missions and my time into praying for missionaries. It may not be much, but it’ll be a start, and it will do me a world of good. SONY DSC



About Bethany

I'm 19 years old and currently working on my college through New York Institute of Photography. I'm the third child in a family of 5 kids. I give piano lessons and am learning the fiddle. I enjoy making music for my King. I live on a small farm in Georgia with a cat, a yellow lab and a miniature dachshund named Boss, and a Chinese-Crested Powder-puff named Lucy.

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