Almost time to leave!


It is only 6 day’s until Jennifer, Bethany and I are going to be leaving for Chicago, Illinois!!! We are going to Journey to the Heart! Our brother went on the guy’s journey in October of last year, it was a great experience for him. It’s a time to get to know God and yourself personally. To see what is really deep down inside of you. So we signed up for the girls journey from March 16th through the 26th. We will actually be leaving on the 15th to drive up, and we’ll be coming back on the 26th. It is a 16 hour drive so it will be the perfect time for me to read all of my books that I’ve started but haven’t finished! =)

If you would like to read about Journey to the Heart to see what it’s all about go here.



About Amy

Hi, my name is Amy and I am 15 years old. I enjoy many things, but most of all I love to read, I love to be outside and being around my family. I am currently learning to play the mandolin and I also play the piano. I have a very sweet dog named Boss, he is actually the family's dog but they say he's mine since he loves me the best. Well that's all you need to know about me. =)

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