Tea Party


My church put on a Ladies Tea for ladies of all ages. My sisters and I helped decorate, cook and clean up. I did all the photography for the tea so I have a lot of pictures. It will take several posts to get all of them on here, concluding that I took 135 pictures in one afternoon. =)

So for the first post, I’ll do decor.

Welcome, to Buford Grove’s Tea Party

This sign was so much fun to make. It is real French words too. =)

Here is the walk-in view. We set up a photo booth at the back. Along the sides were things some of the ladies of our church sell. We had ‘Mary Kay’, ‘Scentcy’, Jewelry, Tupperware, personalized bags, and Photography (by me).

This is the dressing room. Jennifer made the burgundy dress, and Mrs. Annette let us borrow the other two.

She was very kind in letting us borrow many of the decorations.

There were 10 tables and each of them had a different tea-pot and cups. Not one was alike.

Personally, this one is my favorite. Probably because it’s music. =)

This center piece, I took a picture from the front and the back because I loved the gloves.

This one was on the dessert table. I really liked this one. 😉

I hope you enjoyed all the decorations. We had several ladies from the church come and help and we appreciate all of them. I have to say that the ladies at my church, are ladies worth looking up too.

Stay tuned for more pictures.



About Bethany

I'm 19 years old and currently working on my college through New York Institute of Photography. I'm the third child in a family of 5 kids. I give piano lessons and am learning the fiddle. I enjoy making music for my King. I live on a small farm in Georgia with a cat, a yellow lab and a miniature dachshund named Boss, and a Chinese-Crested Powder-puff named Lucy.

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