The Races


This past Saturday, Phillip, Amy and I, went to the races. We had loads of fun! =) It isn’t a big to-do, but for some, they really get into it. Some of the cars were really done up, and others were really rinky dinky. The track is dirt, so when the race started, we got dusted out, as the cars came around the 4th corner. In all, we had a lot of fun and are probably going to the next one.

As always, when I go off, I brought my camera along to take pictures. I was really happy with what I got. Here is just a few of the 100+ pictures that I took. Of course, some of them, were really bad; but I took that many besides.


These next ones I really had to work on to get to turn out, because it got dark and I’m not that experienced with Manual Mode just yet. =)

This one, was on the back side of the track. I got them fixing to come on to the third corner, into a green flag.

This picture I got when they just came into the green flag; so they were still in formation.

This last picture, is just a ‘I can’t believe I actually did that’ kind of picture. =)

I’ve been trying to get my movement pictures down but have never had a really good subject to practice on. So this was the perfect opportunity. And I had a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Towards the end I tucked my camera away so the dirt that came flying around from the cars didn’t do any damage. I would die if my camera got ruined. Not literally. My heart would be broken though. =)



About Bethany

I'm 19 years old and currently working on my college through New York Institute of Photography. I'm the third child in a family of 5 kids. I give piano lessons and am learning the fiddle. I enjoy making music for my King. I live on a small farm in Georgia with a cat, a yellow lab and a miniature dachshund named Boss, and a Chinese-Crested Powder-puff named Lucy.

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